The World's most advanced Collection of Temperature Sensing, Climate Controlling SMART Connected Safety Prams and Strollers for out & about!


The Snuggo™ system was developed to give parents and carers complete control and peace of mind whilst ensuring babies are safe and comfortable whilst out and about during the winter and summer months.

Cooling System for the Summer

During the summer months the temperatures regularly exceed 90℉ and with Children overheating 5 times faster than adults it makes them particularly vulnerable during these times and prone to heat related illnesses which can limit the enjoyment of a young family during these months! With any Snuggo™ enabled prams or products you can keep your child's environment at a cool 72℉ all day long, providing peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the summer months with young children!

Keeping Cool!

Innovative controlled heating

The system will also gently heat in the winter or cooler months, enabling you to maintain 68ºf - 72ºf climate around your baby. In cold temperatures below 45ºf our superheat system automatically kicks in and will maintain 72ºf in the pram in climates as low as 14ºf!!!

Get Snug!

Safety alert & Auto-climate system

Not only does The Snuggo™ allow you to set and control the climate around your mini human, it also features an Auto-climate system! Any time the Snuggo™ senses a baby or young child the system will automatically switch on and either heat or cool to 72ºf, When the child is taken out of the Pram / Car seat the system automatically turns off again. You will also receive safety alerts such as temperature alerts, low battery, proximity alerts and more!

Freedom and peace of mind!



The Snuggo™ is extremely simple to set up and install! Whether it’s mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister or second cousin Larry the Footmuff, Car Seat or Stroller can be installed and set up within minutes!


1. Download the App

Download the Snuggo™ App from your preferred App Store works for both iOS or Android!


2. Connect your Phone

Open the App and follow the on-screen instructions, set your preferred temperature or let the auto-functions set the perfect temp!


3. Yay! You've Done it!

By the power vested in us, you are now pronounced controller of the Snuggo™!